Tino Bvuzawabaya - Host of Black and RAWW Podcast

Tino Bvuzawabaya - Host of Black and RAWW Podcast


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In this episode, Christabel goes ‘back home’ to the UK for a chat with Tino Bvunzawabaya, the host of the Black and RAWW podcast. He started this incredible journey during the pandemic, driven by a deep passion for exploring and celebrating Black masculinity.

Tino's journey from Zimbabwe to the UK shaped his perspective as a Black man in Britain. 

Feeling stuck between different worlds, he created a platform to break free from stereotypes.

With over 60 episodes, Tino's podcast delves into vital issues facing Black men in the Diaspora. 

He also hosts events that address topics like the impact of porn on relationships and the challenges of being a dad and an entrepreneur. His events are also dedicated to supporting Black men's mental health.

Join us on The Cipher for an inspiring chat with Tino as he sparks meaningful discussions about Black masculinity.

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