Tamara Barton-Campbell

Tamara Barton-Campbell

Elevating Diverse Narratives


Christabel Nsiah-Buadi

If you’re a content maker with a mission or social message, it can feel hard to make a living telling content that’s meaningful to your community. But Tamara Barton-Campbell found a way to do it. She’s a bold storyteller and businesswoman who knows she deserves a seat at the media table. She shares invaluable tips on pitching your idea to a potential broadcast (or financial) partner. Subscribers can also read Tamara’s tips on financial viability AND discover what broadcasters are looking for in a show pitch.

If you’re a creator who is distributing their show independently, you can use a wealth of tactics! They all involve talking directly to your audience to learn where they are and what they enjoy about your work! There are so many ways you can do this. If you’d like support on your audience growth journey, book a free 30-minute meeting.

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Welcome back to the AudioDiaspora podcast! We’re taking the mic to South-West London and speaking with Tamara Barton-Campbell, the visionary founder of the Brixton-based Renaissance Studios. This black, female-run film studio is at the forefront of diverse storytelling, producing impactful works like The Sickle Cell Diaries and the primetime dating show The Dating Pool, both featured on Channel 4.

Join us as Tamara shares her journey from working on youth projects to founding a creative powerhouse. We'll explore how her experiences have shaped her approach to creating content that resonates deeply with underrepresented communities.

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Financial Viability in the Creative Sector with Tamara Barton-Campbell
Tamara Barton-Campbell of Renaissance Studios shares exclusive insights on making the creative sector a financially viable career.



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