AudioDiaspora Roundup

AudioDiaspora Roundup

Celebrating Black Creativity by Exploring Juneteenth, Art, and Love

Welcome to this week's AudioDiaspora roundup! We're excited to share the latest in music, culture, and creativity from the Black diaspora.

On Our Radar

The Significance of Juneteenth from Erin Haines' podcast, "The Amendment," featuring New York Times columnist Jamelle Bouie. Discover the history and impact of this important celebration.

Link: Transcript: Jamelle Bouie discusses race and Juneteenth on Face the Nation 

Podcast: The Amendment with Erin Haines and Jamelle Bouie

Rethinking Black Representation in Art 

Check out "The Time is Always Now" exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, curated by Eko Eshan. This exhibit rethinks Black representation in Western art and offers a fresh perspective on historical narratives.

Link: London Art Exhibit Examines Black Representation 

Podcast: Eric's Perspective on African-American Art

Tribute to Naomi Campbell 

Celebrate Naomi Campbell's incredible impact on fashion and her fight against racial bias at the Victoria and Albert Museum. This exhibit honors her contributions to the industry and her advocacy for diversity.

Link: Naomi in Fashion: Lighthearted V&A Show Celebrates the Supermodel 

Podcast: Unpretty and Unfiltered with Sir John | Special Episode

Upcoming Romantic Drama

Don't miss the romantic drama "The Place Shifters," featuring Heather Agyepong and Tosin Cole as Des and Dre, under the direction of Lynette Linton. Running from August 12 to October 12, 2024, in London's West End, this play explores the intricate relationships of Black couples through various eras and challenges.

Link: Shifters with Heather Agyepong and Tosin Cole to Transfer to the West End 

Podcast: The Afro Existential Podcast

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