Kerry-Ann Stimpson

Kerry-Ann Stimpson

Revolutionizing Internal Marketing from Kingston


Christabel Nsiah-Buadi

WOOSAH! It’s the end of the school year in my neck of the woods. 

And my eldest kid is moving on to middle school. It’s all-change here!! I gotta say, the transition to summer break is always a struggle for me. Like many guardians of school-aged humans, trying to entertain kids at home or taking them to camps that start at different times of the day often challenges my ability to maintain the good habits (like working out) I’ve tried to (re)establish. Wish me luck!

I’ve also been thinking about ‘habits’ related to audience development, partly because of my dynamic conversation with this week’s guest, Kerry-Ann Stimpson. I learned so much from this conversation! She is the Chief Marketing Officer of JMMP Group, a bank that was co-founded based on…wait for it… love.’ Yes, LOVE! The company’s founders looked at their community needs and habits and worked to address THOSE. Decades later, the bank is beloved by its customers.

So here’s some food for thought: Do you know your audience’s habits and needs? How are you serving them from a human-centered perspective? Do your IG posts drive people to your content, or nah? And is your content driving engagement - and opportunities to you - via what Kerry-Ann calls the ‘dark social’

Listen to the show to understand what she means.

Do you know your audience’s habits? Would you like me to help you strategize? Reach out, and let’s talk!

As always, enjoy!


WE’RE TAKING THE MIC TO JAMAICA and speaking to Kerry-Ann Stimpson, an expert in internal marketing and employee engagement with a unique perspective.

Kerry-Ann is the CMO of JMMB Group Jamaica, where she has led the way for over ten years. Known for doing things a bit differently in Kingston, she’s also the host of The Internal Marketing Podcast. Kerry-Ann shares her extensive knowledge at engagements across the Americas, focusing on creating 21st-century leaders with insights she’s gained throughout her career. A graduate of the University of Maryland Business School, she has built a distinguished career in the financial sector.

In this episode, we explore Kerry-Ann's journey, from her inspiration to start The Internal Marketing Podcast to her innovative approaches to employee engagement and branding. We explore dark social and how it can empower both leaders and employees. Kerry-Ann also shares how international audiences receive her methods and how leadership can foster a new mindset and encourage personal branding for employees.

Stay tuned to hear more about how Kerry-Ann's Caribbean roots influence her professional approach and what businesses can learn from her strategies.

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