Replay Episode: Namulanta Kombo

Replay Episode: Namulanta Kombo

The Legacy of "Dear Daughter"
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Christabel Nsiah-Buadi

It’s funny how the body keeps up with what the mind doesn’t. When my producers suggested we run this day on April 19th, a wave of tiredness came over me, but my eyes blasted past it, and my brain shut off. I simply said, ‘Yes,’ It’s just another day.

But it’s not. You see, April 19 is the day my dad passed away.

So, replaying this show on this date feels very appropriate. During my conversation with Namunlanta, we talked about the gifts our parents give us when they’re with us and when they’re not. Then she asked me about the gifts my dad left me. Her question gave me pause - you’ll hear that in our conversation. I’ve never stopped thinking about her question since.

There is so much that I continue to thank my dad for. His badassery, determination, sense of adventure, sensitivity, and laughter are things that I don’t have to miss too much because he passed them down to my kids.

I love you, popsicle. And to you, the AD Crew, enjoy my poignant conversation with Namunlanta Kombo.

In today's special replay episode of Audio Diaspora (formerly known as The Cipher), we're journeying to Kenya to explore the heartfelt and impactful podcast “Dear Daughter,” hosted by the inspiring Namulanta Kombo. But before we delve into this enriching conversation, let's take a moment to acknowledge Namulanta's incredible journey and the genesis of “Dear Daughter.”

Driven by her desire to impart practical wisdom to her daughter and future female generations, Namulanta embarked on a path that transcended traditional storytelling. What began as a personal quest became a collaborative platform, drawing insights and reflections from her circle of friends and family. 

As a result, Namulanta’s brainchild, “Dear Daughter,” podcast emerged as the winning entry in the international podcast competition hosted by BBC World Service. This competition sought fresh international voices, and Namulanta’s vision shone brightly among entries from Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

So, enjoy this trip down memory lane as Christabel sits down with Namulanta Kombo and explores the origins of the podcast, the power of storytelling in bridging generations, and the transformative impact of sharing practical advice with future generations.

Where to Connect with Namulanta Kombo

Instagram: @namulanta 

Twitter: @namulantakombo


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