Replay Episode: ‘Chile, Please!’ with Felicia Pride

Replay Episode: ‘Chile, Please!’ with Felicia Pride

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Christabel Nsiah-Buadi

If, like me, you spent some of this week digging deep to stay focused and energized as strangers made assumptions about what you bring to the creative table, this is the show for you. Listening to her talk about her passion for ‘the work’ and her unwavering focus on her ‘why’ helped her achieve her goals, even on the most challenging days, will re-energize you.

This show is a perfect reminder that the shenanigans probably aren’t even about you. You’ve got this, and your people have got you!

Enjoy the conversation!

In this exciting replay episode, we’re going back to when the show was known as (de)CIPHERED. We revisit our conversation with the incredible Felicia Pride, the founder of the production company Honey Chile Entertainment and co-host of the podcast Chile, Please!, which was nominated—twice—for an NAACP Image Award! That’s a huge achievement and testament to the impact of their show in amplifying voices and fostering essential conversations.

Felicia also directed the film “Look Back at It,” a deeply personal project that explores intergenerational relationships, motherhood, and women rediscovering their power. If you haven’t seen it yet, we HIGHLY recommend watching it on YouTube.

Watch "Look Back At It"

Now, let’s rewind and revisit our enlightening conversation with Felicia, where we delved into the heart of storytelling, representation, and the power of authentic narratives.

Featured Guest: Felicia Pride, an award-winning filmmaker, TV writer, producer, and podcaster. Her impressive resume includes writing for “Queen Sugar” and producing for “Grey’s Anatomy.” Her directorial debut, “Tender,” received widespread acclaim, showcasing her talent and vision as a storyteller.

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