On ‘The Cipher’ podcast, we give narrative-changing creators their flowers and create space for them to reflect on their creative journeys.

From Jamaica, whose culture has influenced music worldwide, to Nigeria, the home of the multi-billion dollar Nollywood industry, the USA, UK, and Brazil - home to the largest Black population outside of Africa, audiences are thirsty for nuanced, delightful, thoughtful content. We love conversations about Nollywood’s elder statesman RMD’s latest fashions (IYKYK), colorism, why we hated ‘Speak and Spell,’ photography in the Baltics, the economy, and - of course, the #jollofwars.

Podcasting has become a popular way to have these conversations. In the US alone, 43% of African Americans are monthly podcast listeners. 75% follow or seek content focusing on Black stories and perspectives. Yet, shows like this generally don’t have equal access to the same editorial, financial, or promotional support.

In 2024, we’ll extend our support to independent Black podcasters. We’re launching a 101 training series for podcasters who want to reduce the pain of production.

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The Cipher

On this podcast, respected podcast production leader Christabel Nsiah-Buadi introduces her listeners to Black creatives worldwide who are creating narrative-changing content that dives much deeper than skin color.